Living History and Battle Reenactment Events, continued

Misfire Procedure:
Hold weapon in place for 10 seconds, re-prime and try again. After three (3) tries, the weapon will be removed from the demonstration area and cleared.

Arrival, Logistics and Camping
When your living history group is scheduled for an event at the History Center of Olmsted County, your arrival must be timed so as to take into account all set up time that you will need. If the unit is staying for the weekend, members are welcome to set up Friday afternoon or evening, provided that such arrangements have been made with the education & programs coordinator.

Camping areas will be laid out well before the event by the History Center of Olmsted County and a representative of the participating unit. Restrooms are close by, as is the parking area. For larger events, portable toilets will be provided as necessary. All tents must be period style. We ask that you keep tentage and camp equipment to a respectable minimum. In general, all the items visible to the public should be such as can add to the historic impression (without risking health or safety of participants and visitors).

Food, gas and other supplies may be obtained in Rochester, MN, two (2) miles from the History Center of Olmsted County.

Units planning to bring horses to the History Center of Olmsted Coiunty must be in healthy condition, familiar with gunfire noise and well trained in the maneuvers they will perform at the event.

Digging of a fire pit is acceptable. However, up to two fire pits per camp site is allowed.