Living History and Battle Reenactment Events, continued

Black Powder Regulations:
To ensure the safety of participants and our visitors, a high degree of firearm discipline is expected of each and every participant. The following are the Historic Weapons Guidelines for military groups:

  • Any violation of the regulations will result in the immediate cancellation of the program and removal of the individual or group from further demonstrations.
  • Only reproduction weapons are allowed.
  • No projectiles will be fired or allowed in cartridge boxes. Cartridges may not be stapled.
  • A fully functioning lock mechanism is required on all weapons (half-cock must work).
  • Cartridges must be made prior to the event; do not bring bulk powder and roll cartridges on site.
  • Cartridge box tins are required.
  • Maximum loads for Enfield and Springfields are 60-65 grains FFg.
  • Pistols may be carried, but not fired during demonstrations.
  • Participants under the age of 16 may not handle weapons (firearms or edged weapons).
  • All weapons must be clean and in good condition prior to inspection.
  • No weapon is to be left unattended.
  • Visitors are not allowed to handle or touch a loaded weapon.
  • Visitors may touch an unloaded weapon so long as the owner gives permission and is standing next to you.
  • Do not hand your weapons to visitors (including edged weapons & pistols).