School Field Trips

Indoor programs and museum tours are available year round.  Programs featuring the George Stoppel Farmstead, Ralph Stoppel Farmstead, Hadley Valley Schoolhouse, Heritage Gardens, and William Dee Log Cabin are available seasonally May – October.  Indoor alternatives are available during winter months and inclement weather.

Field trips typically last 1½ hours but can be shortened or extended.  All programs can be adjusted to meet the needs of your specific curriculum and can be modified for students of all ages and abilities.

Programs are available upon request on a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, military history, coin collecting & currency, architectural history, fiber arts, and archaeology.  Tours of the Research Center and the Mayowood Mansion are also available.

The fee is $5.00 per student.  There is no charge for adult chaperones.

Need a place to eat lunch?  We have indoor and outdoor spaces available.

Please contact our Program Coordinator to plan your next field trip.


Current Program Offerings:

Then & Now – Life in Olmsted County
Offered:  Fall
Suggested Audience:  Kindergarten & 1st grade
Standards Met: Then & Now Program Standards

Students will compare and contrast daily life as a pioneer and modern day child through hands-on activities and pioneer games at the Hadley Valley Schoolhouse and William Dee Log Cabin.

At the schoolhouse students will experience a typical 1913 classroom including writing on slates and lessons from McGuffey’s Readers.  At the cabin students will explore the tools and skills utilized by early settlers of Olmsted County.  Students will discover children’s entertainment from the early 1900s by playing pioneer games.

American Indian History of Olmsted County
Offered: Spring
Suggested Audience: 2nd & 5th grades
Standards Met: American Indian History Program Standards

Students will discover the history of American Indians in Olmsted County through a museum tour, hands-on activities in the heritage garden, and participating in American Indian games.

In the museum students will see some of the earliest artifacts from this area including mammoth tusks and Paleo-Indian tools.  Students will learn how archaeologists use artifacts like these to understand how people lived long ago.  Students will discover how the lives of indigenous peoples have changed over time, including the implementation of agriculture, through a hands-on demonstration in the heritage garden.  Students will challenge common stereotypes about American Indians and understand that American Indians live and work in Olmsted County today.  Students will explore Dakota culture by playing games.

Early Rochester History & Changes in Technology
Offered: Spring
Suggested Audience: 3rd & 4th grades
Standards Met: Early Rochester & Technology Program Standards

Students will witness life as an immigrant in the mid-1800s and discover the changes in agricultural, medical, and computer technologies that helped the city of Rochester grow.

At the George Stoppel farmstead students will tour an early stone cave house, an authentic German-style timber frame barn, and see tools from mid-19th century subsistence and market farming.  In the museum students will find out how a world renowned medical center emerged from a farming community, see some of the computer technologies developed and produced right here in Rochester, and explore how changes in technology impacted children and the games they played.

Homeschool Groups

The above programs can be modified for multiple grade levels.  Please contact us and we will design a program that meets the needs of your students.

The fee is $5.00 for each school age child.  No charge for adults or children under age 5.  Families are welcome to participate in the program.  Adults are responsible for supervising non-school age children.

School Age Care Providers, Scouts, Youth Groups, & Student Organizations

The above programs can be modified for all ages.  Please contact us and we will design a program that meets the needs of your group.

The fee is $5.00 per participant.  No charge for adult chaperones.  Adults are welcome to participate.