Traveling Programs

Traveling Programs

Can’t make it to the History Center?  No worries, we can bring history to you!

Presentation Fees:
$100 for one 45-minute presentation
$75 for second presentation in the same building on the same day
$50 for third and each additional presentation in the same building on the same day

Suggested class size:  20-35 students

Fees for care facilities, scouts, youth groups, and student organizations are determined on a case by case basis.

Suggested Audience:  School age to senior citizen.

Please contact Aaron Saterdalen at 507-282-9447 ext 117 or email to schedule a program at/visit to your site.

Current Traveling Program Offerings:

                Immigrant Trunk
Participants will explore the contents of an immigrant trunk and discover the journey a Norwegian family took to immigrate to Olmsted County in the late 1800s through inquiry-based discussion.

                Life as a Pioneer Child
Participants will explore life as a pioneer child through inquiry-based discussion, hands-on exploration of typical household artifacts, and playing games from the early 1900s.

                The One Room Schoolhouse
Participants will experience typical late 1800s classroom activities including elocution practice, writing on slates and lessons from McGuffey’s Readers.  They will learn about the expectations for teachers and students in the late 1800s and compare that to today. *Offered Winter Only*

                     How WWII Started
Participants will explore the information on how WWII started, some fun facts, and be able to see WWII related artifacts and pictures from the 1940s.

             Life as a Civil War Soldier
Participants will be able to learn and explore what it was like to be a civil war soldier in the 1860s. They will see civil war related artifacts, photos and guns. The presentation and curriculum is aligned to Minnesota social studies standards.

                 Firearms of the 1800s
Participants will learn and explore the evolution of 1800s firearms. Firearms have made a huge impact in North America and all over the world. They will be able to see black powder firearms through hands-on interaction and experience the History Center permanent firearms collection through photographs.

               Americans Move West
Participants will learn and explore the Wild Wild West. Trades or occupations differ from the ones that exist today. Miner, Ranchers, Cowboys and the Railroad were big developments during the 1800s and has had a lasting impact in the 21st century.