Princess Cafe’ Lecture Series – Schedule 2017

Princess Cafe’ Speakers for 2017                                                            

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 Wed, 1/11/17
Ken Allsen
“The Mayo’s and the Masons”
Rochester resident Ken Allsen has been a draftsman and designer since 1995. With three books now in print, Allsen also works as a freelance architectural historian. His mission is to preserve the architectural history of southeastern Minnesota.

Wed, 2/8/17
John Weiss
“The Wild Zumbro River”
John has been the Post Bulletin’s outdoors writer since August of 1976. He retired at the end of September 2016. He grew up in Brainerd, MN and attended St. John’s University, and worked at a newspaper in the Twin Cities before coming to Rochester in November 1975.

Wed, 3/8/17
Andrew Chaufolias
“History of Family and Philanthropic Involvement in Rochester, MN”
Andrew Chaufolias is the owner and CEO of Titan Development & Investments. This is a locally-based real estate development, investment, and management company. Andrew is passionate about giving back to the communities to make a difference and to build a better tomorrow.

Wed, 4/12/17
Dale Blanshan
“The Great War: America Enters WWI”
Dale Blanshan is a traveling musician and historian who fancies himself a humble and older gentleman. You may see him at the Rochester Civil War Roundtable or portraying President Lincoln at the History Center’s Living History Fair weekend.

Wed, 5/10/17
June Anderson
“National Medal of Honor Recipients From Minnesota”

Wed, 6/14/17
Bryce Pronk
“The History of the Rochester Fire Department”
Bryce Pronk is a Rochester Fire Fighter who has served our community for the last three years. He has graciously agreed to speak on the Rochester Fire Department’s 150 years.

Wed, 7/12/17
Don Borcherding
“Surveying History of Olmsted County”
Don Borcherding is a licensed engineer and surveyor in Minnesota and Iowa. He is a graduate of Iowa State, retired President of Yaggy Colby, and past president of Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors.

Wed, 8/9/17
John Perkins
“Gold Cross Ambulance History of Rochester, MN”
Listen to John speak about the Gold Cross Ambulance service in Rochester, MN before he sold the business to Mayo Clinic.

Wed, 9/13/17
Steve Lange
“Warrior From the Sky”
Steve Lange is the editor of Rochester Magazine and his articles come out every Tuesday.

Wed, 10/11/17
Lanny Witter
“Olmsted County Prisoners in Andersonville”
Lanny Witter is an active member of the Rochester Civil War Roundtable and has done several lectures. He is helping the Veterans Museum become a reality.

Wed, 11/8/17
Jane Bisel and Nicole Pierson
“The Adolph Biermann House”
Jane and Nicole worked on presenting the history of the Biermann house. It is a house dating back to the 1870’s and bought by Dr. Charlie H. Mayo. It stands at the end of the long driveway at Mayowood Mansion and is near Ivy Lodge.

Wed, 12/13/17
Chuck Potter
“The Mayo Foundation House: Inside the Home of Dr. William Mayo”
Chuck Potter, manager of Mayo Clinic historic properties, oversees operations of the Foundation House and Mayowood Mansion.