Roosters Base Ball

Celebrating playing Base Ball since 1997. The Roosters and Hens presented by the History Center of Olmsted County play base ball (yes, in 1860 it was two words) in period uniforms, using replica bats and balls and following the 1860 rule book. Their home field is Schmitt Field on the History Center grounds. Call Mary Jane Schmitt 288-3570 or 282-9447 for more information. Recruits are always welcome. The Roosters and Hens are members of the Vintage Base Ball Association (VBBA).

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Congratulations to this year’s raffle winners!

1st Prize – Jim Buchanan
2nd Prize –  Janet Sackett
3rd Prize – Mike Gobin

Thankyou to all the participants in this fund raiser!

The Roosters & Hens raffle is sponsored by State Farm, Matt Kechely agent.