Photography Policy




History Center of Olmsted County Photography Policy

  • Photography is allowed inside the History Center of Olmsted County (HCOC) if the flash is turned off.
  • Visitors are not permitted to disturb the gardens, nor to alter the buildings or grounds in any way. For preservation of the artifacts and safety of visitors, climbing on or entering any buildings, machinery, or vehicles owned by HCOC without permission is prohibited. The use of drones is prohibited on HCOC grounds without the express permission of HCOC staff.
  • Photography of temporary exhibitions or loaned items is not permitted unless permission has been obtained from the owner. HCOC assumes no responsibility for infraction of copyright laws related to photography of copyrighted items.
  • Commercial Photography Passes can be purchased at the History Center of Olmsted County during business hours, which are Tuesday through Saturday, 9am—5pm.
  • Commercial Photography Pass fees are $25.00 for a one session pass and $200.00 for an annual pass effective from the date of purchase. Professional photographers must provide HCOC proof of liability insurance prior to approval of the photography agreement. Payment is due upon approval of photography agreement by HCOC staff. The HCOC will honor yearly passes purchased in 2016, but all photographers and their guests must comply with these rules.
  • Each commercial photography pass covers one photographer from one company.
  • All commercial photography sessions must be scheduled. The sessions may not be scheduled more than two months in advance of the intended date of photography. Cancelled sessions may be rescheduled by contacting HCOC.
  • Photography sessions may not interfere with the operation of HCOC, or with the public use of HCOC and its grounds. Sessions may not be scheduled during any special events or rentals of the HCOC grounds.
  • Photography sessions may not exceed two hours. Photographers will be allowed one session per day with a maximum of three sessions per week per photographer. Only one photographer may be scheduled on HCOC grounds at a time. Walk-in appointments may be scheduled for the day of the session as long as they do not interfere with scheduled photographers or events.
  • All photographers, both commercial and non-commercial must check in at History Center front desk before beginning a photography session.
  • HCOC may reject any requested date for a photography session.
  • Photographers are required to display their pass to HCOC staff upon request.
  • HCOC reserves the right to withdraw permission to shoot on HCOC grounds. HCOC staff have the authority to approach photographers to enforce these rules. Failure to obey these rules may result in removal from HCOC property and/or withdrawal of a photographer’s pass.

For questions regarding this policy, please contact the History Center by email at or by phone at 507-282-9447.

** Please note that this photographer’s pass is for the campus of the History Center and not Mayowood Mansion. Mayowood Mansion is  not open to photographers. **

Non-professional photography is included in the general admission fee. It is always best to call ahead to make sure there is nothing going on that would impede your session.

Thank you for your interest in photography on the History Center of Olmsted County grounds. These funds help us maintain the grounds and provide those beautiful backdrops that people love.